System and Cyber Assessments

Helping Our Customers Understand System Capabilities and Limitations

HTS supports our Customers by providing assessments from concept to fielding.

From the moment we meet with our Customers to the final stages before they field their products, HTS assessors provide the framework needed for mapping out their sophisticated projects. We break down each project into four sequential stages, including Advanced Planning, Assessment Planning, Test Planning & Execution, and Execution of the Assessment. We use system assessments to evaluate product performance and provide recommendations for improving their complex systems so they can confidently field their products.

HTS assessors create long-term plans and solutions to meet our Customers’ project needs.

We work with our Customers during the first two stages of System Assessments planning to learn their expectations and create the most intuitive plan forward. First, in the Advanced Planning stage, we create a 5-10 year plan based on the scope of the project and needs of the Customer. HTS assessors use this initial stage to provide a big-picture plan so that Customers may estimate the timeframe for testing and delivering data reports.

Second, HTS uses Assessment Planning to delve deeper into the varying needs of the Customer so that modeling, testing, and analysis can be effectively and efficiently completed within the expected timeframe. HTS drafts a detailed master document that accounts for all of the Customers’ capabilities and data needs. This plan informs the type of testing that must be completed to receive the data needed for our Customer’s project.

HTS provides beginning-to-end assessments that help our Customers field effective products.

After the Assessment Planning stage, HTS transitions into the third stage of Test Planning & Execution. In this stage, we anticipate the assessor’s testing requirements and coordinate with the test community to obtain the data needed by the assessors to create a thorough assessment. In other words, HTS gathers all of the data acquired from our comprehensive tests and provides it to the assessors.

This leads to the last stage of System Assessments, which is the Execution of the Assessment. Assessors take the data supplied, document capabilities and limitations, and make recommendations to decision-makers relative to fielding the capability.

Partner with HTS to Fulfill Your Vision

Contact us and we will work together to build a plan to address your most challenging issues. Once the plan is defined, we will determine the appropriate contract vehicle for providing the solutions.