Modeling, Simulation, & Analysis

Helping Our Customers Create Reliable, Complex Systems

HTS adheres to MS&A standards, ensuring our Customers receive actionable data for fielding their products.

HTS domain experts develop models and simulations, generate and analyze data, and distill the results into reports that deliver critical information. This information enables our Customers to confidently make decisions on the development and fielding of complex systems. Our modeling, simulation, and analysis process supports a wide range of domains, including missile defense, hypersonics, directed energy,  space programs, and Precision Navigation & Timing.

HTS integrates models and simulations to provide system characterization and architecture assessment data.

HTS subject matter experts create multi-fidelity models and simulations that perform in a variety of virtual scenarios for products like electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensors, radar, satellite systems, interceptors, lasers, threat systems, battle managers, fire control systems, simulation frameworks, and global positioning. Our Customers rely on our experience and data to accurately build virtual models and simulations to assess real-world and future architectures.

HTS provides critical, actionable data for architecture and operational decisions.

Once HTS builds models and simulations in a virtual environment, we perform an analysis that distills critical information reports for our Customers. These analysis data reports contain information such as architecture assessments and performance trades; future system requirements, design, and technology assessments; System of System (SoS) analysis; Force on Force training; Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) and system assessment and effectiveness.

Our Customers need confidence in their product’s ability to complete successful missions and survive any threats posed in the field. HTS helps our Customers increase their capability by providing them with critical data they can use to bolster their system performance. Our analysis results help guide our Customers’ decisions in the type of advanced technology systems and capabilities they pursue.

Partner with HTS to Fulfill Your Vision

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