Hardware-In-The-Loop (HWIL)

Helping Our Customers Evaluate All Scenarios

HTS uses HWIL to give our Customers the advantage they need in the field.

HTS develops HWIL labs and utilizes HWIL to give Customers the advantage in the field. We save time, avoid costs, and lower risk for our Customers by pre-testing performance and discovering potential issues before fielding their products. HWIL simulates a variety of conditions in a high-fidelity, real-world environment, such as high-frequency rate tables and high-speed interfaces, so that our Customers receive the most comprehensive high-quality data possible.

HTS simulates real-world threats and scenarios that can never be flight-tested.

We understand that the tactical needs of our Customers frequently change, so we create scalable and modular architectures that can be customized at any point. Highly customizable virtual lab environments allow our Customers to increase complexity and create products with the latest technological tools, helping them outpace enemy weapon systems.

HTS repeatedly tests for nominal and off-nominal scenarios by predicting performance outcomes and exposing failures and weaknesses prior to fielding. To replicate countermeasure environments, we mimic real-world conditions in a virtual lab to evaluate weapon sensors. Our ability to create scenarios gives our Customers the advantage they need when it comes to preparing for situations in the field.

HTS understands that nanoseconds matter when it comes to helping our Customers field the most precise products possible.

HTS enables our Customers’ products to be unmatched in speed with cutting-edge guidance technology in 6 degrees of freedom that measures down to the nanosecond, utilizing dynamic inputs and outputs. Those nanoseconds could be the deciding difference between life and death in the field, so we make it our mission to provide data to our Customers to help them build the fastest and most precise systems possible.

Precision goes beyond speed. It also requires accuracy. HTS uses high-fidelity motion simulators to test state-of-the-art sensors for guidance systems that require high-frequency, line-of-sight angular precision. By testing our Customers’ sensor capabilities in various real-world scenarios, we ensure their longevity and usefulness in the field.

Partner with HTS to Fulfill Your Vision

Contact us and we will work together to build a plan to address your most challenging issues. Once the plan is defined, we will determine the appropriate contract vehicle for providing the solutions.