Digital Engineering

Helping Our Customers Innovate, Experiment, and Work More Efficiently

HTS implements digital engineering to provide a cradle-to-grave lifecycle management single source of truth to help our Customers.

HTS implements an enduring and authoritative source of truth for data shared between the government and vendors. We do this by proactively identifying, balancing, and managing government data, vendor data rights, and intellectual property concerns. In addition, we incorporate and adhere to the latest guidelines from Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) clauses, the Statement of Work (SOW), and the Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL). We take care of the fine print in government compliance requirements and give our Customers the freedom to create innovative systems for the security of our nation.

HTS recommends specific tools and leverages data insights for our Customers.

HTS partners with multiple digital engineering tool vendors, allowing us to leverage insights on amounts and types of data to provide an objective assessment of digital engineering ecosystems. Our assessment supports the unique requirements of our Customers.

The ADEPT Center

Cutting-Edge Lab to Demonstrate and Create Customer Solutions

The HTS state-of-the-art Analysis, Digital Engineering, and Prototype Technology (ADEPT) Center serves as a platform to allow Customers to test different engineering approaches to understand the benefits and risks. This is a working lab, as well as a demonstration center. We conduct work here and help our Customer visualize a digital engineering ecosystem at their facility. The ADEPT Center is located at 700 Boulevard South SW in South Huntsville.

Partner with HTS to Fulfill Your Vision

Contact us and we will work together to build a plan to address your most challenging issues. Once the plan is defined, we will determine the appropriate contract vehicle for providing the solutions.